Bring The Remedy

by Pain Relief

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Ingredients: intensity, energy, power, passion

Recommended dose: slam, trash, stage dive, crowd surf, headbang and mosh pit once a week or as needed


released June 5, 2015

All songs written by Pain Relief.
Another Path written by Pain Relief and Andre "Lucky" Lachance
Stronger than You written by Pain Relief and Madeleine "Mado" Grenier

Recorded in 2014 at Artmada Studio
Levis (Charny), QC, Canada
Recorded and mixed by Mathieu Daigle

Mastering by Yannick Blanchette at R3dshArk Audio



all rights reserved


Pain Relief Quebec City, Québec

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Track Name: Don't Back Down
Smash the snooze, jump back to your dreams
Don’t give in to the alarm screams, your sun is warm
Focus on what you want; you know exactly what you like

Who deserves a better life? You deserve a better life!
Don’t back down on your ambitions; it’s not over, it’s a start!
Don’t back down!

Take a seat in the chopper, we’re gonna get so much higher
As far as you can see, as long as you believe…
Track Name: Why?
What I hear is what I fear, I can’t believe it’s real
It might have been just a sound, it’s becoming a specter all around

I wanna fight for freedom; fight to recover my own
The demons raiding my mind, they try to break my way to walk the line

Why is this taking what is in me? Every day is a battlefield, every day
Why is my brain controlling me like this? I need your help!
I don’t wanna die!

I gotta control myself, my soul is between your hands
Cause I can’t tread on quicksand, I hope this angel takes me away from hell

Try to understand the ghost, I hit my head on a post
It’s still screaming in the night but I know it’s the beginning of the fight

This is not real; it’s so unreal; like a monster
This creature’s creeping in my head
I wonder if I will survive!
Track Name: The 1st Page
Another victim of a serial killer, another roaming psycho abuser
A car accident in the night has left fatherless a young child
The headlines said “We’ll all be dead”; the deadline is set to 3 AM

Why are we focusing on bad things in the news, every day on TV?
Why are we conditioned to fear?
I don’t want that for me, as you do not for you
But there are lots of reminders as if there was only terror

No news: good news; this may be true...But tomorrow this could be you
Doing the first page of the paper or the obituary
Each page I turn, more my rage burns; it’s always the “tip of the turd”

Why are we focusing on bad things in the news, every day on TV?
Why are we conditioned to fear?
I don’t want that for me, as you do not for you
We’re fed with insecurity, I hate this negativity
Track Name: Freedom By The Gun
How does it feel to live in those so-called societies, born from conspiracy?
I can’t believe that they lie to the children of their nation, using this strategy
All I see on my TV are those soldiers that are dancing over dead bodies
I can’t believe it’s real

They fight for their beliefs; we fight for equity
They kill for money; we live for a new day

It’s so shitty living in a world where God is war, what a shame, what pity!
In forty-five, six million Jews died
How many deaths will it take before we understand?
In ninety-four, a million Rwandese were slaughtered
How many tears should be shed before we understand?
To them, monsters: pain is life
Track Name: Another Path
A punch wakes me up again, your eyes crush me to the ground
Laughter came all around; to you, I’m just a loser, bastard
Never linger on my own, stop retracing my footsteps
Recognize my slog or when you wake up, I’ll be elsewhere

Why don’t you believe in me? I felt dismissed
Would you take me as I am? I’m upset
Why don’t you believe in me? It’s too late I am gone
Why didn’t you believe in me?

Can’t live a temper life, I need to act stupid, it’s in me
Feel like a child again when you watch me on your higher stand
I use another path, you don’t get the meaning of my life
You say “I understand you” but you try to put me in the box

Believe me I’ll kick your mind, kick your mind away
I will draw the other path! Go astray!
Why don’t you believe in me? Drew the other path
Why didn’t you believe in me?
Track Name: Gr8'er Toys
Every day is like a game to me, it makes me deal with life more easily
I never step over the footpath cracks, I am a kid and that’s the way I act

When in the bar I play another game, It’s fun to drink; it’s fun to win the race
Finish my beer before all my friends, good to know I’m the last man to stand

I want a car that goes faster, a boat, a bike, an ATV
I want all game systems and computers
A gun, a mace, real-life PvP

Don’t think that I’m a material boy, it’s just that now I need greater toys
I like to think that I’m a G.I. Joe in a real-life Grand Theft Auto

When I wake up I simply roll the dice and then I am the mad cat chasing mice
I like to bet on how people will act after they’re hit by my surprise attack!
Track Name: Stronger Than You
Maybe you were right to lecture me that day, to beat me up!
Maybe you were right to insult me that day, to make me cry!

But I’m the one laughing; I’m the one laughing now
‘Cause I know, I know:
I’m stronger than you! Stronger than you!

I am older now I know I shouldn’t listen to you!
You are older now I know I shouldn’t be like you!

I will prove to everyone else that you were wrong,
I can sing along!
I will prove that I was right, that you’re jealous
and in a sad plight!
Track Name: Hey You!
We’re used to look the other way
We learned well how to separate
We all have our interests, our goals and ideals
But when there are tragedies
Earthquakes and tsunamis
Then we’re not apart anymore, we are one!

Hey you! You are with me
Hey you! A tragedy
Hey you! (it’s so sad!) (wake up!)
That’s what it takes to create unity!

Are we different or the same?
Are you willing to share the blame?
Or will you maintain the ignorance you feign?
When it comes back to normal
Again we won’t care at all
Then this calm will tear us apart again!
Track Name: Alaska
One, two, three, I suddenly see,
I can’t believe my eyes, Oh it’s a true paradise
How did I get here? It’s so unclear! I was in hell; in my daily routine
I know, I was on my way to work, in traffic jam, trapped in this city!

Stop working it’s time, it’s time to go
Go to a place to enjoy blue snow
And I don’t care if it’s cold;
It’s better than the hell we know!

Breathe freedom on top of glaciers
Come and follow my Bombardier
Is this a caribou down the slope?
You’ll still be here next year I hope

Again I count to three, it is not gone,
I’m feeling so free, still in the same kingdom
I’m taking the time, living for the moment,
I’m on my own, I’ll never come back to town
Gone is yesterday; I’ll live for today, I will do it my own way!

Feel the cold wind stroking my skin
It’s washing away all my sins
O! Grand Polar Bear on your throne
I hope you’ll never leave this world!

Then I woke up; it was just a dream
I still have to work to pay the bills
I refuse to allow this fate
It’s my last chance to escape
Let’s go now to Alaska!
Track Name: Your Name Here:
On behalf of my modest part
I appreciate your help
I’m well aware that you could have
“Let it die in the egg”
You chose to praise my skills
You put me on the top of the hill
You’re the source of what I’m through
I wish I could share this success with you

I think it’s what would make this world better
I think it’s worth praising each other
I think it’s what would make this world better
I think it’s worth praising each other

My book of life was missing pages
You had some extra ink
You helped me start a new chapter
What makes you think of me?
If only there were more like you
The billion things that we could do
Because a good word is so strong
More men and women should sing this song
So people we all sing along
Track Name: Will You Be There?!
Sometimes when you’re in demand
When I need your presence
Well, I don’t know how
I’ll get through the day
Will you be there when it counts?
Or will you just don’t care?
On these precious times
I’d like to share

My friend: I believe in you
But it doesn’t seem the same for you

All the things I do for you
Is it so hard to give back?
It’s worth so much to me
Is it worthless to you?
All the times you’ve called on me
I was always ready
But when I need you
You’re always busy
Track Name: Bring The Remedy
Time has come to show we’re not careless
Time has come to learn from our past mistakes
We’ve been so wrong thousands of times
It’s been this way for thousands of years
And even though we seem to progress
With high technology and science
Are we back to our primitive era?
As we still declare war for more power

And now we sing this melody
Can someone bring the remedy?
Against this human malady
Against this inhumanity

All those barrels full of precious black gold
Won’t be useful when we return to dust
And those guns filled with silver bullets
Will be useless as we lie in coffins

And now we sing this melody
Can someone bring the remedy?
Against this human malady
Against this inhumanity
Track Name: 10 Years Of Strong Medication
We’ve been playing punk rock; with hunger, with passion
We’re still around and that’s because we’re burning with motivation
This music drives us, like fuel that propels our inspiration
We’ve been having fun together; and all this for 10 years

And when we hit the stage; we feel the same as when it started
We stand as one; we burn inside; for your enjoyment
We need no pill to heal our wounds, our sores, our discontentment
Just turn our gear on; let’s play punk rock for another 10 years

Bud, Vinny, Carl and Lucky
We’ll perpetuate the beat you helped us create
For Marty, for Max, for Frank and all our friends
We’ll play punk rock until the very end!